Welcome to the IFSO

The Islamic Finance Specialists Organization (IFSO) is a non-profit organization created in 2012.


The eMBA Islamic Finance of the University of Strasbourg entitled until 2013 University Diploma in Islamic Finance has already trained hundreds of graduates: rich of different experiences, levels of education, skills and areas of different expertise, some integrated large international firms, law and consulting offices.

The association is open to all students and graduated in Islamic Finance from the University of Strasbourg and those involved in Islamic finance. One of our main objectives is the promotion and development of Islamic Finance through communication campaigns and establishing partnerships with various actors: banks, financial institutions, research institutes and foreign universities.

Another way to achieve this objective is to improve association visibility, through our website but also ensuring a presence on social networks, you can join us on logo_linkedin, where debates and views are exposed around Islamic finance. We would also promote networking between our members to create a pool of competences which will enable project holders to find the skills needed for their realization.