IFSO Services

IFSO offers institutional whole experience capitalized within the network of previous graduates of Islamic Finance in Strasbourg.


Islamic Finance is the main specialty of the EMBA Islamic Finance and also for the Master Science Research and Religions Law Islamic Finance at the University of Strasbourg and is the major center of IFSO’s expertise. The predilection fields for IFSO are Finance, Law and Marketing oriented to Islamic Finance.


IFSO can support institutional in:

– The structuring of Islamic finance products

– The development of management tools (Excel, VBA, SQL, Access)


IFSO can support institutionals and offer legal feasibility studies through the drafting of contracts and regulatory prospectus.


With international students from very different backgrounds, and students often trilingual IFSO is able to offer you fast and high quality translations.
IFSO can also assist you in organizing events linked to Islamic finance (choice of subjects, themes, sponsors, stakeholders, etc …) and offer studies of high quality in order to sustain your projects:

Introducing new products

– Market survey, Competition monitoring.

– Consumer behavior study.

– Satisfaction surveys

– Communication

In front of each project, we provide you with a partner able to rely on students in Islamic Finance at the University of Strasbourg or on the previous Islamic Finance graduates network, for more information please fill out our Contact form.