Executive MBA Islamic Finance Promotion 2013


Salah ABERKANE (France)

Salah is working in Paris within an asset manager as a quantitative analyst for Natixis Global Asset Management.He is an engineer from l’Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Informatique et Mathématiques Appliquées of Grenoble. He has 9 years of working experience. He became a Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst in 2009.

Thami AMARTI (France)

Thami a commencé sa carrière chez SG Asset Management Alternative Investment, la filiale de gestion alternative de la SG en structuration et vente de produits structurés cross-assets. Il a ensuite rejoint la BNP Paribas CIB, où il a travaillé au sein de l’équipe risque marché Fixed Income. Il a également servi en tant que consultant au sein d’une société de conseil en investissements basée à Paris et Genève. Thami est diplômé de Grenoble Ecole de Management, titulaire d’une Licence mathématiques de l’Université de Nice-Sophia Antipolis, et a obtenu un MSc finance des marchés de North Carolina State University et Skema Business School US.

Thami started his career as cross-asset structured products sales trader at SGAM Alternative Investments in Paris. He then joined Bnp Paribas CIB where he has been working within the fixed income market risk team. He also served as a consultant for an independent advisory firm based in Paris, to build the cross- asset structuring desk. Thami has a BA Honours (Mathematics) from University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis and graduated from Grenoble Ecole de Management and obtained a MSc a from North Carolina State University and Skema business School US in Financial Markets & Investments.

Imane BEGAG (France)

In 2011 Imane had got her master 2 insurance at university of Ferhat Abbas Setif Algeria. One year after in 2012 she had got a diploma of Technical English (3 years of studies). Then, she started working in an Islamic insurance company (SALAMA INSURANCE COMPANY TAKAFUL) for 2 years as a head of technical expertise and declarations of clients. Now, she is doing the EMBA in Islamic finance at the University of Strasbourg in France in order to get a job in an Islamic bank and to have more experience in this domain.

Nassima BELLAL (Algeria)

Her academic background started first with attending Finance classes at National high school of Statistic and Applied Economy in Algiers; and her efforts were crowned with success when she obtained an “Engineer” Degree in the field of Planning and Statistics (Finance and Actuarial Option). She also attended in parallel English Language classes at Algiers University, which gave her the opportunity of obtaining a “Licence” Degree after 4 years of in- depth studies. Professionally speaking, Nassima, first worked as an Insurance Representative for six months within an Insurance Agency “GAM Assurance”, then she switched to the position of Quality Assurance Document Controller for the period of two years, working in a Multinational Catering and Support Services Company operating in the Algerian Sahara. Currently, Nassima is attending Islamic Finance EMBA classes at Strasbourg University, with the purpose of joining one of the prestigious banking or financial institutions in the Middle East or UK after the end-of-studies internship. She has full mastery of french, english and arabic.

Jamal BENERROUA (France)

Jamal is an engineer from the National School of Computer and Applied Mathematics of Grenoble in 2004. He is currently responsible for a team of three portfolios managers index and ETF (exchange traded funds) with total assets under management of $ 4 billion at BNP Paribas. He obtained the CAIA certification (Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst) in 2009. He manages the Easy ETF dow jones market titans 100, which is a french Sharia compliant fund. It is trilingual english, french and arabic.

Othman BEN-HAROUN (France)

Othman is an Engineer from ENSIIE School (Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Informatique pour l’Industrie et l’Entreprise), then he obtained a Research Master Degree at La Sorbonne University. He started on july 2007 at Société Générale Asset Management as a Risk Manager and on february 2010 he joined the investment bank of Société Générale as Senior Market Risk on structured Products activities on Mutual Funds and Hedge funds.Languages: arabic, french and english.

Hicham BOUGHANEM (France)

Hicham has a master degree in mechanical engineering (INSA – 1994), a PhD in Physics with highest Honours from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Pétroles et Moteurs (ENSPM – 1998), and a Master degree in Market Finance (ESSEC/CNAM – 2005). He worked as a research engineer for the Safran Group, Renault-Nissan, the French Petroleum Institute (IFP) and the French National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Control (INRIA). Since 2003, Hicham works for Peugeot SA (PSA). He started as ‘Engine Performance’ project leader on the Peugeot & Citroën product range; then he worked as IT project leader in the Credit Back-Office of the PSA bank (BPF). Since 2011, Hicham works for the Corporate Finance and Treasury Department of the PSA Holding: he is a project leader in ‘Securitization and Structured Finance’. Hicham managed on 2012-2013 a refinancing plan for BPF for 2,5 Billion euros through an ABS securitization program of European assets. Hicham also participates to the day-to-day management of the BPF european ABS funds (custodian and servicer role on French, German, Spanish, Italian and United Kingdom receivables). Hicham enrolled in the Excutive MBA in order to improve his knowledge in Islamic Finance and to work in Corporate Islamic Finance in Europe, Middle-East or Asia. Hicham speaks French, English, Spanish and Arabic.



Youssef BOULAHBACH (Maroc/Morocco)

Youssef followed his basic education in Business and Management, and obtained in 2000 the diploma of the national schools of Business and Management Tangier (Morocco) in 2005. Then, he obtained the Diploma of the higher studies in Bank and Finance from the University Mohamed 1st Oujda (Morocco). He began his professional career in the industry as analyst accountant, then responsible of local and foreign purchases. Next, he turned to the bank of investment, in middle Market, for the subsidiary of the Crédit Agricole in Morocco. Youssef speaks french arabic and have good knowledge in spanish and english.



Head of quantitative research at CamGestion subsidiary of BNP PARIBAS, he teaches financial instruments at l’ENSIEE (French engineers school). Graduated from «l’Ecole National des Ponts et Chaussées» in 2003, he worked on Asset Management at Société Générale and BNP Paribas. He is member of Al-Khawarizmi Group author of “Sukuks, new alternative financing way for Morocco”. Mouad speaks arabic, french, english and spanish.


Maxime has an accounting & finance diploma. He started dealing with accountancy, social right, taxation, administration tasks and all areas of business in chartered accounting office in Neuilly Sur Seine. Then he worked for a French company, MCS INTERNATIONAL, specialized in plastic trading from Arabic countries to Africa. His job consists of taking care of financial business and trade finance operations with various partners: Bank, customers, providers, intern-team. He expects to obtain an Executive MBA in Islamic Banking & Finance’s degree this year from the University of Strasbourg. He has big interest in Islamic banking and ethical finance. He wants to apply to YPP program regarding de IDB, Islamic Development Bank. He is french native speaker and speaks also english.

Ndiaga CISSÉ (Senegal)

His education can be divided into three parts: accounting, banking (ITB) and finance. In fact, he is a holds a Master degree in management accounting of companies and institutions (2010) from the University of Caen field economy and management. He also benefits from a work experience of 12 years of which 18 months in accounting, 6 years of Internal control and 4 and a half years of Internal audit. At present, he accumulates his work with the expected diploma of the EMBA Islamic Finance at the University of Strasbourg. He is member of the group of trainer of CBAO Groupe AttijariWafabank on the deontology. He speaks french, english and wolof (native language). He speaks also a little german and has basics in arabic.

Mahamat Saleh Brahim DOUGRI (Tchad)

Mhamat attended the Ecole Superieure de Commerce de Toulouse for a Master 2 in Entrepreneurship and the Technical Institute of Banking (ITB – CNAM), Diploma in Banking and Finance. He is the CEO of the African Infrastructure Construction Corporation (SACIS) in Tchad (construction of buildings and public works). He is a General Secretary of the Business Council of Building and Civil Engineering, he was the first General Deputy of th Executive Board of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Tchad, a member of the board Directors of the National road Maintenance AGER agency, a member of the National Council of employers CNPT (2012), a member of the board of the National fund to support training FONAP (2013), and member of Board of the National University of N’Djamena (2013). He wants to create an Islamic bank or institution of Islamic microfinance in Tchad. He speaks french, english and has basics in arabic.


Mouna ELFIDHA (France)

She followed a double degree accounting and theology. She obtained a master’s degree in accounting and a degree in Islamic theology. She worked for two years for an accounting firm. It follows the curriculum EMBA Islamic Finance at the University of Strasbourg in order to incorporate a bank or financial group in the Middle East or in Luxembourg at the end of his training period of study. She is preparing a thesis on bank accounting in Islamic finance. She speaks french, english and arabic.

Akram FARTOUNA (France)

Akram obtained a master’s degree in private law, he worked for eight years as a lawyer in various legal services companies, and has served as a lawyer in a law firm specializing in real estate. In order to include financial company based in Luxembourg. He follows EMBA Islamic Finance at the University of Strasbourg. He is fluent in business arabic and french with good skills in english.

Ezzedine GHLAMALLAH (France)

Ezzedine GHLAMALLAH is an entrepreneur and the founding President of SAAFI, an insurance brokerage firm specialized in the conception and distribution of Takaful and Islamic finance solutions. With his team composed by consultants in wealth management, lawyers, economists, insurers and financial professionals all experts in Islamic finance and Takaful, he also advices firms and organizations wishing to structure Takaful or Islamic finance projects. He designs Takaful solutions on the European market and has conducted strategic feasibility studies for banks and insurance companies to implement Family Takaful in North Africa. Before creating SAAFI, he gained more than 10 years of experience in banking and insurance. He graduated from The University of Law and Political Sciences of Strasbourg, where he earned his Executive MBA Islamic Finance and obtained a Master in Finance, Accounting, Tax system and Wealth Management from The University of Aix-Marseille, he is also an alumnus of the National School of Insurance of Paris, graduated in Banking, Finance and Insurance. Today, he teaches Islamic Finance and Takaful at the University in the cities of Aix-Marseille, Cergy-Pontoise, Dijon, Mulhouse and Strasbourg. He regularly publishes articles in many specialized professional journals; he is the exclusive Takaful Europe correspondent for the Islamic Finance News.

Azzedine HAKIM (France-Belgium)

Azzedine graduated from the Institute of International Transport and Ports in Le Havre, France in 1987. Forwarding agent and Specialized in goods maritime transport, he held various positions of responsibility. His last position in this field: Manager for two units of international transport in Paris and Casablanca for over 5 years. In 1999, he obtained the Accounting and Finance Higher Education Diploma from Toulouse University, France, and has validated his internship as a Chartered Accountant in Brussels, Belgium. After working as an associate in an accounting and taxation consulting firm in Brussels for more than six years, he worked as an accounting and taxation management consultant in Belgium. He follows the Islamic finance EMBA in order to have a complementary competence in Islamic finance. He masters french, english and arabic.

Hafsa LAMRANI (Germany)

Hafsa got a Master of Science in corporate finance in 2008 from Al Akhawayn University in Morocco. She started working in risk management in Société Générale Bank of Morocco as project chief. Then, she switched to a civil engineering firm where she worked as a financial manager. She published a paper titled “ A benchmark based AHP model for credit evaluation” (source : International Journal of Applied Decision Sciences, Volume 2, Number 2, 19 June 2009, pp. 151-166). Now she prepares the Executive MBA in Islamic Finance at the University of Strasbourg in order to work in an Islamic bank after her current internship. Her mother tongue is arabic. She also speaks french, english and german.

Naïm QASEM (Luxembourg)

Naïm followed the accounting and management program of the Blaise Pascal School located in Belgium. He graduated in 2005. Then, he went to the funds management sector as a fund accountant within the company EFA Luxembourg. After a year, he wanted to move to the insurance sector. He joined the company Lombard International Assurance located in Luxembourg as a senior accountant. During his years in Luxembourg, he has realized that the Luxembourg financial center is looking to open its economy to new markets and thus attract fresh capital. With this in mind, his interest in Islamic finance has pushed him to follow EMBA in Strasbourg University in order to work in this alternative finance. He speaks english, french and has knowledge in arabic.

Zakaria RAHDBANE (France)

Zakaria is graduated from  Ecole Superieure de Commerce de Toulouse in Financial engineering in southern France and a PhD in mechanical engineering. He started in R &D in Arcelormitall then as project manager at Raindance technologies. RainDance Technologies is pioneering digital biology and powering ground-breaking human health and life science research with its novel droplet-based technologies. Moreover, he’s also a university lecturer and researcher at Insa, The National Institute of Applied Sciences (France). His career and his sensibility have bring him to the banking world – he worked for Attijariwafa bank as Private banker. He is currently working in “Valority Investment” as Wealth manager advisor. Finally he wants to move to new opportunities in finance in France and abroad.

Mahfoud SAADOUNI (France)

Since January 2013, Mahfoud Saadouni holds the position of Head of Index management and optimization at Natixis Asset Management after holding a position of Portfolio Manager at Structured Product Management Department for seven years. He began his career in Research & Development at ABN AMRO in 1999. From April 2000 to July 2005, he held the position as performance Analyst and as Head of performance Attribution. Mahfoud Saadouni holds a Master in stochastic modelling at the University of Bordeaux, and he is a graduate of SFAF (CIIA: Certified International Investment Analyst), he also got the CERTIFICATE OF ISLAMIC BANKER (CIB) of CIBAFI (General Council for Islamic Banks and Financial Institutions Bahrain). Mahfoud Saadouni has 14 years of professional experience and has been working for Natixis Asset Management for 13 years. He is a member of COFFIS (French Council of Islamic finance) since 2009. He is co-author of “Sukuks, new alternative financing way for Morocco” published by Al-Khawarizmi Group to which he belongs. Mahfoud speaks french, english and arabic.

Richard SCHMECK (Germany)

Richard has an MA in Law and an MA in English, Arabic and History. He spent some 10 years in the Middle East as a Diplomat and works now as a lawyer at HPL Plewka & Coll. LLP in Frankfurt am Main. He has also received an MA (Finance and Law, LL.M) in Frankfurt am Main at the Goethe University. He would like to make use of his experience gained in the Middle East, combined with an MBA in Islamic finance in Strasbourg, in his daily routine. He is fluent in english, arabic and german with good skills in french.

Mariem TURKI (France)

Mariem graduated from École Supérieure de Commerce de Sfax in Tunisia where she earned a bachelor degree in Management of Financial Institutions and a Master in financial engineering. After a first experience as research analyst at Institutional Shareholder Services, Mariem pursued her studies with the EMBA Islamic Finance in order to specialize in Islamic financial products and structuring transactions. She speaks arabic, english and french.