Sheikh Faizal Ahmad Manjoo (United Kingdom)

Sheikh Faizal Ahmad Manjoo has a blend of three disciplines – Islamic Finance, Shariah and Secular Law – which helps him to contribute in various ways for the enhancement of the Islamic finance industry. He is both a lawyer and a Shariah Scholar. He has a range of qualifications in Islamic Studies, Law, Finance and Education.

He sits on the Shariah Supervisory Boards of leading Islamic financial institutions in various jurisdictions, ranging from Retakaful to Unit trusts. He is also an active academician helping many Universities in UK and abroad in developing their curriculum in Islamic finance and Islamic law.

Presently Sheikh Manjoo is focusing on developing legal modules for Islamic finance for the LLM degree which is a much demanded area. Subjects such as Arbitration, Regulation, Islamic law of Contract, Cross-border Islamic finance law etc are new areas that Sheikh Manjoo is exploring with the financial authorities and Universities. He is also the Head of Islamic Finance Department, Markfield Institute of Higher Education. He has a special inclination towards Muslim Family Law and Islamic Law of inheritance. He was privileged to be one of the founding members of the Muslim Mediation and Arbitration Council of South Africa, which is a well-established platform for dispute resolutions among Muslims. He has published many academic articles and presently is authoring two books focusing on Islamic Pension and the Regulatory framework for Islamic Financial institutions.

He has developed over 40 executive training courses ranging from Islamic soft skills, Islamic finance, principles of jurisprudence, family law  etc. which he delivers in many jurisdictions such as France, Dubai, Brunei and  UK. He is the CEO of Minarah MultIConsulting Ltd (UK) a consulting firm in Islamic Finance.